The Goal

My highest priority is creating a site for you that is not only accessible and easy for your audience to navigate, but puts your best foot forward and accomplishes your objectives. Once it is up and running, I will show you how it works so you are empowered to make simple edits yourself. Really! It is possible.

The Means

I work within a web management system called Joomla, which enables me to create sites that can be accessed by any device and still display your content well. I like Joomla because it is easily expandable to include all kinds of functionality you might need: slideshows, galleries, blogs, calendars, schedules, "look inside the book", and much more.

How We Make it Happen

I am happy to give you a one hour complimentary consultation to discuss the scope of your project and whether we want to pursue it together.

Then we look at your overall goals and communications objectives for your site, and we explore some of the general possibilities. We talk about all the different functions you will require your site to perform, such as scheduling, blogs, galleries, payments, etc. This gives me an idea of how large or small the project is.

With this information, I will give you a set fee for the work. It really depends on how large the site will be, how many pages you envision, what functionality you require, and the state of your content material. The cost can be anywhere from $1500 to $7000 or more.

If we move forward, we will develop your site map and gather the content. I will ask you to show me some web sites you like, we will talk about the colors you like and we'll look at a few possible design ideas or templates.

If you need help with the writing and such, I'm happy to help develop the content and edit, and this will be included in the fee if it's part of my bid. Development of significant copy and manipulation of images may be needed, and I will proceed only with your approval.

Then What?

I work up a test site, and we make adjustments together. After we have gotten the project ready to launch, we publish it.

Then I provide you with a series of tutorials and instructions on making minor changes to your site as you need. I also provide some face to face instruction on accessing ways to make changes. Fortunately, this has gotten much easier in the past few years, and I'm confident you will be able to do it.

However, if you need more help from me, I'm happy to be available to you, at an hourly rate.